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Oxandro 10 mg 100 Tabs by British Dispensary


       One of the mildest and perhaps the most efficiently well-tolerated anabolic steroid on the market Oxandrolone has become very popular among performance enhancers, especially in the female community but remains a staple in the treatment of many muscle wasting diseases. While Anavar is not a very powerful steroid, milligram for milligram it is one of the weakest ever made, it holds the distinction as being the most side-effect friendly with the strong majority of effects being only of a positive nature.

        As an oral anabolic steroid, once ingested Anavar becomes active within the blood very rapidly, as is a very common trait among most oral anabolic steroids and especially those who carry with them a DHT nature. While initial activity is very fast total active duration is consequently very short as Anavar only possesses a half-life of approximately 9 hours making frequent dosing a necessity. With a 9 hour half-life, most will find a twice-daily administration of the hormone to be optimal if peak levels of the hormone are to be maintained within the blood. No, twice daily administration is not an outright necessity, once daily can still provide many benefits and many women whose doses will be fairly low often opt for this route, as well as many clinical patients. However, it is when we enter the world of male performance enhancement that multiple dosing per day proves to be more efficient, especially when we consider most men require a large amount to reap any reward.

Anavar Side-Effects

When supplementing with anabolic steroids one of the primary concerns is adverse side-effects and necessarily so; after all, if you fall prey to serious problems this can make the benefits you receive rather pointless. Of course as there are hundreds of various anabolic steroids and there are significant differences with each and every one we cannot simply say steroids carry these side-effects; in actuality we must go even deeper. Each anabolic steroid will carry its own list of possible side-effects and while there will often be strong similarities there can also be a level of uniqueness. Further, it is important to understand possible means possible, not guaranteed and moreover we must consider the total rate of probability. We cannot say if you supplement with XYZ steroid youll suffer from 123 side-effects; there are issues to consider such as total dosing, individual response and even the potency of the steroid at hand. With all of this in mind we want to discuss Anavar side-effects.

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