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Beginners Steroids Pack

Beginners Steroids Pack A great cycle for all beginners in bodybuilding and others that want to gain mass. Cycle results in mass gains with moderate androgen properties. This is a basic testosterone and Boldo 250 (equipoise) stack. The Boldo 250 allows for a lower overall dosage of testosterone, without sacrificing much in terms of expected gain !! Estrogen build up should be controllable with this stack, yet still should reach a point where it is aiding in the promotion of an anabolic state. Take 1 Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) tablet each day early into the cycle to really suppress rising estrogen levels!!! - Boldo 250 (Equipoise) 10ml x 250mg/ml, - Testosterone Enanthate 10ml x 250mg/ml- Tamoxifen Citrate 100 x 10mg - HCG (Pregnyl) 15,000 i.u. Dosage schedules for Stack Packs Boldo 250 Test. Enanthate H.C.G. Week 1 200mg Week 2 200mg 250mg Week 3 200mg 250mg Week 4 200mg 250mg Week 5 200mg 250mg Week 6 200mg 250mg Week 7 200mg 250mg Week 8 200mg 250mg Week 9 200mg 250mg Week 10 200mg 250mg Week 11 250mg Week 12 Week 13 3,500 i.u. Week 14 3,500 i.u. Week 15 3,500 i.u ..


Cernos gel Testosterone Gel 100 mg sun pharma

Cernos Gel (androgel, testosterone sachets) by Sun Pharma comes in boxes containing 14 sachets 5 g each (50 mg of testosterone inside), totally 700 mg of active substance.Testosterone gel is used for treatment of low testosterone levels in men in easy and convenient way by replacing natural hormone. Such decease is called hypogonadism and it may have a serious negative impact on the quality of men`s life (especially elderly men) and are commonly associated with a decrease in libido, lean body mass and bone density, as well as an increase in visceral fat, and disturbances in well-being and mood. Transdermal 1% hydroalcoholic Testosterone gel restores testosterone levels to normal range and had a statistically proven, significant positive effect on lean body mass and body composition.Dosage and usageCutaneous use only. Testosterone gel contains native testosterone in a clear and colorless formulation which is absorbed by the skin within a few minutes after the morning application to the upper arms, shoulders and abdomen, without leaving any residue. The testosterone passes from the gel through the skin and follows into the bloodstream at a steady rate. The recommended dose is 5 g of gel (i.e. 50 mg of testosterone) applied once daily approximately the same time to maintain steady level. The serum testosterone concentration remains very reliably within the normal range for 24 hours after application.Even if toying with higher dosages, you should not aply more than 10 g per day. "More" is not always "better". The adjustment should be achieved by 2.5 g of gel steps. The gel should be administered by the patient himself, onto clean, dry, healthy skin. Allow drying for at least 3–5 minutes before dressing. Do not shower for at least six hours after applying Testogel to make it fully utilized by the body.Testogel helps to control the symptoms of your condition, but does not cure it. Therefore, you must use Testogel every day throughout the life. In general, testosterone-replacement therapy is indicated for all men over 40, starting from the small dosage and increasing with the age. However, one should do it only in accordance with doctor`s advice basing on proper tests. Some people may have sufficient endogenous testosterone levels for longer period of time, some others may still want to have a child, so use any medications including Testogel wisely.StackingHey, this is not for bodybuilding. No stacking, standalone usage is just fine for testosterone-replacement therapy. Side effect and PCTThis is testosterone and androgen-related side effects might be an issue in theory. However, due to weak action most of these effects are possible to neglect. However, prolonged use of testosterone containing products may result in aromatization process and thus estrogen-related sides such as growing breast and conversion to DHT resulting in destroying of hair follicles. Both of these processes are coming even naturally, that`s why many elderly men lost their hair and have "bitchy tits"  without using any testosterone. Possible answer to that might be using low-dosages of propecia (finasteride) and tamoxifen citrate.It may lead to increasing hematocrit levels, which is not bad thing for stamina but dangerous because of increased blood viscosity, especially for elderly men.Another possible and very important  side is decreased sperm count, which may affect fertility.There are also some others, do not get frightened, this is just minor possibility, most of people do not experience anything of it.Possible local side effects: erythema, acne, dry skin.Possible systemic side effects: prostatic disorders, gynecomastia, mastalgia, dizziness, hyper- and paresthesia, amnesia, mood disorders, hypertension, diarrhea, alopecia, polycythemia, increased serum lipids.Other known adverse drug reactions of treatments containing testosterone are: prostatic changes and progression of sub-clinical prostatic cancer, urinary obstruction, pruritus, arterial vasodilatation, nausea, cholestatic jaundice, changes in liver function tests, increased libido, nervousness, myalgia and, during high dose prolonged treatment, electrolyte changes, oligospermia and priapism.Doping controlAthletes should note that the active substance, testosterone, may produce a positive reaction in antidoping tests.IndicationsTestosterone treatment for confirmed male hypogonadism.Not advisable to use in the sport, especially bodybuilding because it`s too weak component, better use injectable testosterone like sustanon with more effect for the same money.ContraindicationsCases of known or suspected cancer of the prostate or breast, known hypersensitivity to testosterone or to any other constituent of the gel, skin conditions prohibiting the topical application of medication.Planning to have a children (usage must be ceased some months before it and proper PCT like clomiphene citrate used)Testogel must not be used by children under the age of 18 years because it may destroy natural hormone production  and woman due to high risk of androgen related side effects, especially masculinisation (virilization).Special warnings and precautions Exclusion of risk of pre-existing prostatic cancer, monitoring of the prostate gland and breast. Regular monitoring of serum calcium concentrations is recommended in cancer patients at risk of hypercalcemia (and associated hypercalciuria), due to bone metastases. Testogel may cause edema with or without congestive cardiac failure in patients suffering from severe cardiac, hepatic or renal insufficiency. In this case, treatment must be stopped immediately. Testogel should be used with caution in patients with ischemic heart disease. Testosterone may cause a rise in blood pressure and should be used with caution in patients with hypertension. Beside laboratory tests of the testosterone concentrations in patients on long-term androgen treatment the following laboratory parameters should be checked periodically: hemoglobin, hematocrit (to detect polycythemia), liver function tests. Testogel should be used with caution in patients with epilepsy and migraine as these conditions may be aggravated.Testogel may quicken the growth of existing prostatic tumours and benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland). It may also increase the risk of breast cancer in males. Before treatment, your doctor should conduct tests to check that you do not have existing prostate or breast cancer.If you use Testogel over long periods of time, you may develop an abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood (polycythaemia) and thus increase blood viscosity. Take aspirin to treat this side effect, stronger oral anticoagulants are not needed unless prescribed by a doctor.Testogel is not indicated for use in children and has not been evaluated clinically in males under 18 years of age. Pregnant women must avoid any contact with Testogel application sites. This product may have adverse virilizing effects on the fetus. Testogel is no treatment for male impotence or sterility. For further details refer to the package insert or contact your local Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals organization. You should leave a gap of 6 hours between applying Testogel and having intimate physical contact to prevent passing of the testosterone to the female. You should also wear clothing such as a T-shirt to cover the gel application area and/or have a shower or bath beforehand. You should also follow these precautions before coming into close contact with children. If a woman or child does come into contact with Testogel, thoroughly wash the area of skin exposed to the gel with soap and water.Female usage of testogelNot advisable due to the risk of masculinisation (virilization). StorageKeep Testogel in a cool dry place where the temperature stays below 25°C.  Do not store it or any other medicine in the bathroom, near a sink, or on a window-sill. Do not leave it in the car. Heat and dampness can destroy some medicines.Pharmacologically inactive ingredientsCarbomer 980, isopropyl myristate, ethanol 96%, sodium hydroxide, purified water...


Enantrex ® 350

EnantrexTestosterone Enanthate 350mg / 1ml , 10 ml vialTestosterone Enanthate Injection by Concentrex LabsGeneral Information:● Manufacturer: Concentrex Laboratories● Therapeutic Class: Anabolic Agent● Composition: EACH 1 ML OF ENANTREX 350 CONTAINS: 350 MG TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE, ETHLYL OLEATE Q.S.Concentrex Enantrex, a single ester steroid with seven carbons in length, is known to be long lasting in terms of effect. More of its weight is testosterone-caused as against to ester weight. When using an esterified steroid, total weight is a mixture of both ester weight and steroid. Longer esters like cypionate have more ester weight because of the 8 carbon length and lesser overall steroid weight. As such, enanthate would be chosen over cypionate. In addition, Sustanon has more steroid weight.The 500 mg of Concentrex Enantrex has more free-based testosterone than the 500 mg of cypionate; and 500 mg of sustanon has more than, as well. But due to irregular release of sustanon and need to inject more to get full benefit of propionate and the phenylpropionate esters and make full release of its steroid itself, either cypionate or enanthate will be a better option for first time user, who want to maintain a stable blood levels of steroid while lessening the injection frequency.A longer acting of testosterone ester will be helpful for bulking needs, while enanthate is simpler than some other steroid. It's the best choice, especially to those who are new to enhanced bodybuilding. Deciding to discontinue is not an option in case adverse reactions occur because discontinuing the use will only aggravate the side effects of extended periods due to the long length of activity of the steroid which is three to four weeks. Ancillary drugs like Proviron, nolvadex, clomid and HCG can help during post cycle and during cycle to restore the testosterone production naturally. Concentrex Enantrex does aromatize slightly more than the sustanon, but one must be very familiar with the anti-estrogens like clomid or nolvadex and use either one amongst many when gyno symptoms appear...


ENAPRIME Testosteron Enanthate 250 mg / ml 1 Amp Eminence Labs

Testosterone Enanthate 250  mg / mlTest E is very similar to Propionate.   To cut corners some labs will create one of the tests and name it with both names.Testosterone Enanthate is long acting and is used for the basic building block of many steroid stacks and blends.  Test E is one of our top products and is considered to be a great general test.Suggested Dosage and Administration800mg – 1000mg per weekPRESENTATION  : 1 ml : 2 Tray of 5 Amps in Mono Cartoon                             10 ml : 10 ml Vial in white Mono Cartoon..



Halotestin is a synthetic anabolic steroid that has potent androgenic properties. Halotestin has been shown to increase the growth and development of male sex organs and develop secondary sex characteristics. It can also increase protein anabolism, decrease protein catabolism and leads to positive nitrogen balance when sufficient calories are provided. Further, the steroid has the ability to stimulate the production of red blood cells by releasing erythropoietin from the kidneys. This leads to more hemoglobin and extra oxygen carrying capacity. Halotestin is a very potent androgen and it is rapidly establishing itself as the anabolic drug of choice among many athletes. This synthetic drug has many ideal features for many bodybuilders. It is rapidly acting, is not converted to estrogen and can lead to significant improvement in exercise performance. Aggression and strength are two key features of the drug which have made it quite famous. IndicationsHalotestin is indicated for the treatment of disorders where there is a deficiency or absence of testosterone. These testosterone deficiency conditions include:primary hypogonadismorchitisafter surgery- orchidectomybrain tumorsdelayed pubertyIn females, Halotestin is also used to treat several disorders which include:palliation of androgen responsiverecurrent breast cancersthose with breast cancer which ishormonal sensitive DoseThe dose of Halotestin is usually influenced by the condition. It is usually administered in divided doses of 5-20 mg/day. The general principle is to give the highest dose and then taper it down once the response has been obtained. The repeat doses over the day ensure that the blood levels remain high for the 24 hr period. Depending on the condition, most individuals receive this drug for 1 -6 months. Halotestin is only available as a tablet of 2, 5, or 10 mg. Side effectsLike all androgenic steroids, Halotestin also has a fair number of side effects. These side effects do not occur in all individuals. While the side effects are rare, they are more prominent when the treatment is prolonged. The side effects include: FemalesMenstrual irregularitiesDeepening of voiceClitoral enlargementHair growthUnfortunately clitoral enlargement is always not irreversible even after stopping treatment.Malesgynecomastiabaldnessacneoily skinwater retentionnausea, vomitingjaundiceliver cancers (rare)decreased libidoheadachemental- anxiety, anger, depressionallergic reactions WarningsHalotestin should be used with great caution in people with breast cancer as it can cause hypercalcemia. Long term use has been associated with development of liver cancer. In children, Halotestin can accelerate bone development with out compensating for gains in linear growth- resulting in grotesque features. ContraindicationsHalotestin should not be used in individuals who have:hypersensitivity to steroidsmales with breast cancermales with prostate cancerpregnant females BodybuildersThe majority of bodybuilders use a slightly higher dose than what is used for medical patients. The most common dose is around 20-30 mg/day divided in 2-4 small doses. Some individuals take as much as 40 mg/day. The drug is taken with food and lots of water to prevent stomach cramps. Halotestin is easily absorbed from the stomach. Some individuals also combine Halotestin with other anabolic steroids to potentiate the effects. The most common combination is Winstrol, Anavar and Anadrol. Others have combined injectable testosterone preparations with Halotestin. Most bodybuilders claim that the weight gain is obvious at around 3-4 weeks. Further, there is also an improvement in exercise performance. However, when the drug is stopped, the weight gain does decline with time. To ensure that the weight gain remains, others go on a low dose Clomid cycle for 2-3 weeks.Unlike many other anabolic steroids, Halotestin is typically used for only a few weeks and not months. However, even though it does not have estrogen activity, it does have other potent side effects which limit its long term use. The drug can be taken in orally and is rapidly absorbed from the stomach. The half life is about 9 hrs meaning that it can still be detected in the body for about 4-6 days. CostHalotestin is not easily available on the black market. There are several Halotestin products out there made by the French, Greek and Italians. Halotestin when available is not cheap either. Each tablet of 5/10 mg is frequently sold for a dollar or more. The increasing market for this product has also created a list of fake products, especially from the Far East. So always get your Halotestin from a reputable dealer. DetectionAfter a single dose, Halotestin can be detected in the urine for up to 4-6 days. However, advances in development have led to tests that can detect the metabolites of Halotestin for up to 45-60 days after the last dose. The drug is best used in preseason since the chances of undergoing testing are low. ControlHalotestin is classified as a Schedule 3 drug according to the anabolic steroids control act. It is considered illegal to possess this drug without a physician’s prescription...



Buy Metesto 100 tabs 25mg/tab by Acdhon Co. LtdShipped to USA from ThailandMethyltestosterone is an orally available form of the primary male androgen testosterone.  Alkylation such as this is necessary when administering testosterone (and other steroids) orally, as without it the liver will destroy most of the steroid during the first pass. The resultant compound methylated-testosterone was among the first functional oral steroids to be produced. Methyltestosterone offers little except androgenic side effects. It is quite toxic, elevating liver enzymes and causing acne, gynecomastia, aggression and water retention quite easily. Were one to tolerate these side-effects, Methyltestosterone will offer little more than some slight strength gains. The action of this steroid is somewhat androgenic, with a moderate anabolic effect...


Methyltestosterone Genesis

Buy methyltestosterone tablets, by Genesis25mg/tab, 100 tabletsPharmaceutical Name: MethyltestosteroneActive Life: 6-8 hoursAverage Dose: Men 25-75 mg/dayWater Retention: Yes, highLiver Toxic: Yes, highAromatization: Yes, high..


Methyltestosterone Pharma Lab 50 tabs [25mg/tab]

Methyltestosterone Pharma Lab 50 tabs [25mg/tab]Pharmaceutical Name: MethyltestosteroneActive Life: 6-8 hoursAverage Dose: Men 25-75 mg/dayWater Retention: Yes, highLiver Toxic: Yes, highAromatization: Yes, highMethyltestosterone is a 17 alpha alkylated oral steroid that is a form of testosterone. This was one of the first oral steroids to be produced, first appearing in the 1930s, and is still in use today to treat some medical conditions. However for the most part there have been countless advancements that have made the use of methyltestosterone are reserved for rather specific circumstances.In terms of uses for strength athletes and bodybuilders, methyltestosterone has several characteristics that can be beneficial. It is both moderately anabolic and androgenic. However this is somewhat tempered because the compound is also severely estrogenic due to it being very receptive to the aromatase enzyme .For the most part users should not expect to experience dramatic gains in muscle mass from this compound. This may be partially as a result of the 17 alpha methylation, as this can result in a lower anabolic activity than the parent compound. However the androgenic qualities of the compound are something that could be of interest to many users.In terms of estrogenic conversion, it is believed that methyltestosterone converts to the more biologically active estrogen 17 alpha methylestradiol. This can account for the increased occurrence and severity of the estrogenic side effects that users often report. It is thought by many that the side effects associated with the compound and their severity simply make methyltestosterone rather inefficient when the comparatively small amounts of muscle growth are factored in. Often the negatives outweigh the positives.Having said this however, if used for its androgenic properties, users may find methyltestosterone quite effective. Of course it should be used in conjunction with other compounds and should not be relied upon as a “stand-alone” drug. Its synergistic effects would be much more beneficial to the user.HOW DOES IT WORKS?Due to the active life of the drug, users must spread out the doses of methyltestosterone throughout the day for at least two or three evenly spaced doses to maintain stable blood levels of the compound. Some users anecdotal report that taking a dose prior to their workout helps raise their level of aggression slightly, providing them with a greater degree of focus in the gym. However this effect is somewhat debateable and varies from user to user.Most inexperienced users will begin using methyltestosterone in doses of about 30-50mgs per day and adjust as needed. Due to the issues related to hepatoxicity it is recommended that users limit their use of this compound to only a few weeks. Limiting the usage of this drug to 4-6 weeks would help to avoid any serious complications that could become a problem in terms of liver toxicity.Many users will use this compound similarly to methandrostenolone or oxymetholone and cycle it as a “jump start” when waiting for long acting estered compounds to “kick in”. Usually once the effects of these long acting estered injectables are beginning to be realized, users discontinue use of the oral compound. This is not to say that use of methyltestosterone is limited to this protocol but it is by far the most popular. One such exception would be its use prior to various sorts of competitions is also quite common so that its effects are realized during a specific period.SIDE EFFECTS:Estrogenic side effects can be a concern with methyltestosterone, as it converts to estradiol via aromatase, although this is quite modest at best. High blood pressure, water retention, gynocomastia, and acne are all possible undesireable side effects during use of methyltestosterone. It should also be noted that this compound converts to dihydrotestosterone, which can cause prostate enlargement and hair loss. Use of finasteride or other similar compounds may be able to at least partially treat or prevent these side effects.In women it is not uncommon for virilizing side effects to occur, including increased growth of androgen-sensitive hair and deepening the voice, amongst others. There are no ways to minimize these side effects in women if they are experienced other than to keep the dosage that one is taking to a minimum. It is for this reason that it is not recommended that women experiment with methyltestosterone.Like most oral steroids methyltestosterone is 17-alpha-alkylated so that it can't be broken down into a 17-ketosteroid, and therefore rendering the substance ineffective. However, this causes liver values to become elevated over a short period of time. It is for this reason that long-term use of any 17-alpha-alkylated steroid is considered dangerous. Despite this however, no long-term damage should be expected if use is kept to relatively short periods, with liver values returning to previous levels after use is discontinued in nearly all cases. ..



Testosterone Propionate Injection by Concentrex LabsBuy PropiTREX 150     Testosterone Propionate     150mg / 1ml     10 ml vial..


Retesto 250mg Testosterone Injection

Retesto (Sustanon) , - Total of 10 amps , 1 amp = 1ml / 250mgis definitely an acrylic-dependent testosterone mix. Retesto  (Sustanon) is definitely an injectable steroid using four esters – Propionate 30mg; Testosterone 60mg 60mg Decanoate 100mg.Retesto (Sustanon) if given 250mg each week every ten times works well. The suggestions with this specific medication is great; numerous state that using Retesto (Sustanon), you’ll need fairly reduce dose but nonetheless get remarkable outcomes. Using testosterone that is additional, you’ve to consider doses that are greater, whilst the physique becomes understanding towards the medicines and also the dose necessity increases upward.And since (Sustanon) works well using doses that are traditional, you are more unlikely to encounter unwanted effects. Unwanted effects generally related to use are mainly dose-dependent. Retesto (Sustanon) offers powerful anabolic and androgenic results. Ergo, this substance is recommended during bulk series because muscle tissue and power significantly raises. Additionally, with (Sustanon) you are getting water-retention and lower estrogenic unwanted effects in contrast to testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate.Retesto (Sustanon) is specially advantageous if you should be likely to cut-up because it may deliver Asolution’ and qualitative muscle tissue. Newbies acquire qualitative twenty lbs inside a month or two utilizing 250mgORweek of Retesto (Sustanon). If you should be getting doses that are greater, it’s wise that you utilize zero- estrogenic unwanted effects to be mitigated by oestrogen brokers like Nolvadex. Just like artificial given that are additional, Sustanon-250 may also hinder testosterone’s organic manufacturing, ergo a-period treatment comprising Clomid is essential...


Testabol 400

Buy British Dragon Testabol 400 Test-Enanthate 150mg/ml, Test-Cypionate 150mg/ml & Test-Propionate 100mg/ml (10ml) Testabol 400 contains 100mg/ml short-acting Testosterone Propionate, 150mg/ml of Testosterone Cypionate and 150mg/ml of Testosterone Enanthate. The first, testosterone propionate, is short-acting and gives T-400 a quick onset of action in a steroid cycle. The other esters are medium to long-acting. ..


Testabol Enanthate

Testosterone is responsible for the normal growth and development of the male sex organs and for the maintenance of the secondary sexual characteristics. The drug can affect the growth of the prostate, testis, seminal vesicles, penis and scrotum and also is important for body growth. Even though testosterone is an androgenic hormone, it does posses anabolic properties. Its use has been shown to promote protein synthesis and a positive nitrogen balance in the presence of a rich calorie diet.Testosterone also has the ability to cause a mild increase in the production of red blood cells by stimulating the synthesis of EPO from the kidney. This results in an increase in the red blood cells and hence an increase in the oxygen carrying capacity.When testosterone is taken for prolonged periods, it inhibits the release of Gonadotropins from the pituitary gland through a negative feedback mechanism. At large doses, it can even inhibit spermatogenesis.Testosterone also has the ability to cause a mild increase in the production of red blood cells by stimulating the synthesis of EPO from the kidney. This results in an increase in the red blood cells and hence an increase in the oxygen carrying capacity.When testosterone is taken for prolonged periods, it inhibits the release of Gonadotropins from the pituitary gland through a negative feedback mechanism. At large doses, it can even inhibit spermatogenesis. DoseTestosterone enanthate (Delatestryl) is only slowly released after an intramuscular injection and that is why it should not be taken more than 1-2 times a month. The formulation comes as an esterified preparation of testosterone which is only meant to be administered by an intramuscular injection. The esterification of the testosterone increases the duration of action of the testosterone. The preparation comes in a colorless to mild yellow suspension of sesame oil. For medical uses, a dose of 250-500mg is used once a month. IndicationsDelatestryl is indicated in the treatment of conditions where testosterone is either deficient or absent. These conditions include:     primary hypogonadism- where the testes has been injured and fails to make the testosteroneHypogonadism due to failure of the pituitary gland to release of Gonadotropins.delayed pubertyIn females with breast cancer, testosterone may help block the effects of estrogen and prevent further spread. It is an option instead of surgical removal of the ovaries. In most cases of testosterone deficiency, therapy is required for a long time until the secondary sexual characteristic have been developed and the growth is adequate.DurationThe treatment of all individuals with testosterone enanthate depends on age, sex, diagnosis and the response to treatment- and the onset of adverse effects. In general, the drug is well tolerated when prescribed as recommended. Delatestryl should always be injected in the buttock muscles and not simply underneath the skin. The injection site should be rotated to prevent abscess formation.  Another option is to inject the drug on the outside of the thigh. The drug should never be administered intravenously. The dose of testosterone enanthate should not exceed more than 1000 mg per month because the drug has prolonged activity. It is extremely rare to give this drug once every two weeks. The drug should always be inspected before injection. It is usually a colorless-yellow suspension which is clear. Any particulate matter or clumping indicates that the product is expired or inactive. The duration of treatment varies from 4-6 months. The drug should be stored at room temperature. BodybuildersA lot of bodybuilders use Delatestryl during the off season. The drug stays in the body for a long time and it is advisable not to use it during the active sports season. The drug definitely has anabolic and androgenic properties. However, the effects of the drug are not immediate and may take at least 3-4 weeks to become evident. Many bodybuilders also use other anabolic hormones like GH/thyroxin in combination.Because testosterone is also converted to estrogen in the fatty tissues, many bodybuilders develop breast enlargement and retain water. The dose used to increase muscle mass and strength is about 250-1000 mg/week. However, at the higher doses the drug has potent side effects and it is highly recommended that all beginners start off with the low dose.The increase in protein mass is gradual but does occur. Because the steroid also stimulates red blood cell production, many bodybuilders also notice that they have an increased capacity to perform under intense exercise conditions. Testosterone enanthate is preferred by most bodybuilders because it is readily available and has a number of benefits. It promotes good health, increase exercise performance and leads to a positive nitrogen balance. There are reports that it also selectively decreases fat and increases muscle mass. Recent studies from the World sports agencies indicate that this particular drug can boost performance, increase lean muscle mass and still not be detected in the urine within the first few weeks. Even when the anabolic effects are not obvious, most individuals do notice an increase in strength. Sometimes the water retention can be quite dramatic and some individuals do take a diuretic pill to remove it. To prevent the breast enlargement, testosterone enanthate is cycled with drugs like Arimidex or Tamoxifen. Most individuals take the testosterone for 4-6 weeks and then stop for a few weeks. During this wash out phase, one may use Arimidex. Women All testosterone analogues have the potential to cause virilizing effects when the duration of use is prolonged. In females, these virilizing signs may be deepening of voice, excessive hair growth, irregular menstrual cycles, mood alterations and clitoral enlargement. It is recommended that at the first sign of virilizing symptoms the drug should be stopped. The reason for this is that some of the virilizing signs may not be reversible even after discontinuation of the steroid. Side effectsLike all anabolic steroids, testosterone enanthate has a few side effects. These side effects are generally mild and well tolerated. The majority of individuals do see some side effects after 3-4 months of therapy. The most common side effects include:irregular menstrual cyclesvirilizing effectsdeepening voiceclitoral enlargementgynecomastiapainful penile erectionshair loss, acne oily skinretention of body waternausea, vomiting, jaundiceliver cancer (rare)mental changes, depression, headaches, anxiety,increased serum cholesterolWhile most of these side effects are reversible, the breast enlargement and some virilizing effects are not. The concomitant use of estrogens to diminish the side effects of virilization is not always helpful.In children the use of testosterone must be strictly monitored. It can accelerate bone maturation but does not increase compensatory linear growth – which results in abnormal body distortion in anatomy- esp. the jaw and face. WarningsThe drug should be used very cautiously in individuals with:     breast cancer and hypercalcemialiver dysfunctionprostate cancerheart problems There have been isolated reports of individuals developing a dry cough, breathing difficulties after injection with testosterone enanthate. This has been linked to the oil based preparation or a contaminant in the formulation. All individuals who use testosterone should have their liver enzymes and blood hematocrit regularly checked to ensure that they are within normal limits. LegalDelatestryl is classified as a class 3 drug under the controlled substance act. In the USA, it is only available with a physician’s prescription. DetectionTestosterone enanthate has a very long half life in the body. For this reason it is also detected in the urine long after it has been discontinued. Current techniques of testing can identify testosterone or its metabolites in the urine at least 3-4 weeks after the drug has been stopped. Infact, the testing has even gone beyond urine testing. If excessive use of the testosterone is suspected, one can even detect traces of the testosterone in the hair 2-4 months after the drug has been stopped. However, one should know that the testing today for testosterone enanthate is not perfect. About 50% of individuals who take this steroid are missed based on the testosterone/epitestosterone ratios. CostThe legal testosterone enanthate is quite difficult to get hold off. The majority of bodybuilders get their testosterone from the black market. Generic testosterone formulations made in Europe and Mexico are widely available. The drug is not cheap and a vial of 250 mg can cost anywhere from $10-$20. In the last 2 decades, the increasing control of these drugs by the DEA has led to unscrupulous dealers selling fake or counterfeit products. So in the end, it is always buyer beware...


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