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Masterone Enanthate

Masterone Enanthate

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PHARMAMIX 6Trenbolone Enanthate 100 mg/mlTestosterone Enanthate 200 mg/mlMasterone Enanthate 200 mg/ml This is our last development among mixes! The version of PHARMAMIX 2, but with long esters! There is nothing to say more, you have just to try it! PHARMAMIX 6 - Push Your Genetic Potential to the Absolute Edge!Pharmacom Labs has developed several mixes based on our long-term experience and as a result of studying the customers’ demands for last almost 10 years. Each mix in our special line has been developed taking into account definite goals (cutting, bulk, pre-workout, etc.) and considering biological compatibility of certain compounds and their anabolic / androgenic abilities.All mixes developed by Pharmacom Labs are based on testosterone in its different forms (esters). As you probably know, absolutely all exogenous hormones / steroids both oral and injectable ones inhibit the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis), which results in suppressing production of endogenous testosterone; being the primary man sexual hormone, it shall always present in a man body. Without sufficient levels, many side effects are possible as testosterone influences dozens if not hundreds of functions in the human body.Each MIX by Pharmacom Labs is made as a stand-alone stack to achieve the best results. All of our mixes have an optimal ratio of active agents; in most cases there is no need to add any additional compound. Moreover, each mix is cheaper than buying the individual drugs within it separately in the same dose.WARNING: if you are going to use a high concentrated drug for the first time, we strongly recommend to inject only ½ ml to check the body reaction and to prevent possible side effects, which can include post injection pain (PIP), high body temperature, lumps, etc.CHARACTERISTICSACTIVE HALF-LIFE 5-7 DAYSCLASSIFICATION ANABOLIC STEROIDDOSAGE MEN 500-1500 MG/WEEKACNE YESWATER RETENTION YESHBR PERHAPSHEPATOXITY YESAROMATIZATION YESACTIVE SUBSTANCE MIXES SPECIAL LINEMANUFACTURER PHARMACOM LABS..


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