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Buy Metesto 100 tabs 25mg/tab by Acdhon Co. Ltd

Shipped to USA from Thailand

Methyltestosterone is an orally available form of the primary male androgen testosterone.

 Alkylation such as this is necessary when administering testosterone (and other steroids) orally, as without it the liver will destroy most of the steroid during the first pass.

The resultant compound methylated-testosterone was among the first functional oral steroids to be produced.

Methyltestosterone offers little except androgenic side effects. It is quite toxic, elevating liver enzymes and causing acne, gynecomastia, aggression and water retention quite easily. Were one to tolerate these side-effects, Methyltestosterone will offer little more than some slight strength gains. The action of this steroid is somewhat androgenic, with a moderate anabolic effect.

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