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ARIMIDEX Anastrozole 1mg/capsule Meditech 30 capsules

This product reduces the levels of estrogen in the human body during steroid cycles which result in aromatization. By taking this product, you will have no worries about gynecomastia, infertility, or acneArimidex, also known as anastrozole, is a drug used in the post-surgical treatment of cancer.It is also used in the treatment conditions in pre and post menopausal women caused by cancer cells. The drug breaks down estrogen; this is important because it inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells that need estrogen to grow.Arimidex (Anastrozole) is an aromatase inhibitor of choice. The drug is suitably used when using large amounts of aromatizing steroids, or when one is inclined to gynecomastia and the use of moderate amounts of these steroids. Arimidex does not have the side effects of aminoglutheride and can achieve a high degree of estrogen blocking. It is possible to reduce estrogen with Arimidex, and for this reason blood tests or saliva tests should be done, preferably after the first week of use, to determine if the dosing is correct.Arimidex has undergone many studies over a period of 10 years. Studies show that the drug is more effective when used alone. About 10.000 women in a study group showed that the aromatic inhibitor drugs slow the synthesis of the enzyme aromatase, a process that converts androgens to estrogens,which reduces the chances of recurrence of breast cancer 40 percent.Reduced estrogen also benefits athletes and bodybuilders. Higher levels of estrogen decreases the ability to burn fat, use energy, and strengthen muscles. For athletes and bodybuilders, Arimidex is an important part of the steroids cycle, because it reduces the effects of estrogen, which increases the water retention capacity of the body, and improves hormone balance and resilience. Meditech holds the patent for the manufacture of Arimidex, which comes in a package of 30 - 1mg capsules (white / pink). However, the dosage varies according to the individual requirements in men and women. Arimidex is also used as a recommended treatment for growth deficiencies associated with puberty and bone weakness caused by excessive estrogen levels in the body.Arimidex is also known as AI, as it works as an inhibitor of type II aromatase. It disables the conversion process of testosterone into estrogens by binding to molecules of enzyme aromatase, making them inactive. This particular quality also prevents the spread and growth of breast cancer cells in women and plays a very important role in breast cancer therapy that lowers the recurrence risk. The aromatase inhibitor is a very effective anti-estrogen agent which plays an important role in steroid cycles for athletes and bodybuilders as it reduces exposure to gynecomastia caused by heavy steroid aromatization. (If using Arimidex, there is no need to use Clomid, Nolvadex or Proviron as these products block the estrogen receptors).Dose: Take 1 to 1 mg capsule every 2 days during your cycle.Laboratory : MeditechForm : OralMolecule : AnastrozoleConcentration : 1mg/tabsPresentation : 30 TabsRecommended Dosage : 1mg/day..


CLOMID Clomiphene citrate 50mg/capsule Meditech 10 capsules

Boost the natural testosterone production. Has anti-estrogenic properties. Great for post cycle therapy.Potency :50mg/capsule.Appearance :White capsule.Packing :10 capsules, packed & sealed in white HDPE plastic bottle.Dosage :50mg-150mg/day.This product allows a perfect and complete recovery for the testicles after a steroid cycle. After taking some steroids, men can become sterile. This can be avoided if they protect themselves properly.Clomid is a tablet composed of clomiphene citrate. Clomiphene citrate is not an anabolic steroid but a synthetic estrogen hormone that is used in bodybuilding in order to fight against a number of hormonal imbalances caused by taking anabolic steroids. Clomid can restore normal testosterone levels after treatment and prevents estrogen present in the body and thus avoids the effects associated with it, including gynecomastia in particular.Clomid is primarily a fertility drug that was created to stimulate ovulation in women who have difficulty becoming pregnant. This molecule also has the ability to stimulate the production of endogenous testosterone in men in the testicules, by increasing the secretion of LH and FSH hormones. It is this last property that interests bodybuilders because they undergo some hormonal imbalances when they use steroids, especially when these steroids are strong androgens.Many androgens, especially the strongest such as Oxymetholone, have the unfortunate effect of bringing down the natural production of testosterone in the body for the duration of the steroid cycle. This is easily explained if we consider that the provision of external androgens obviates the production of testosterone by the body since these androgens produce the same effect as testosterone.Therefore the body reacts by stopping the production of testosterone, since it is no longer necessary during the cycle. The trouble is that after the end of the cycle, the metabolism does not immediately raise the production of testosterone that has become dangerously low. It is therefore urgent to stimulate if we are to avoid a serious decrease of metabolism and loss of mass. Therefore, bodybuilders use Clomid, which triggers the production of endogenous testosterone in the testes, and therefore avoids the situation. Athletes demonstrate that a daily dose of 50 to 100 mg of Clomid helps restore normal testosterone levels in 2 weeks. However, before starting treatment with Clomid, bodybuilders typically use Vitagon HCG which also helps increase the production of endogenous testosterone, but the action is much faster. Vitagon HCG is used first to raise the testosterone levels of the subject immediately after the end of the cycle, then the treatment is continued with Clomid.At the end of the cycle, there is often a risk of gynecomastia with the transformation of steroids into estrogen, as these substances have, despite their very different effects, very similar chemical formulas. By occupying the receptor cells of estrogen in place of it, Clomid prevents estrogen present in the body from acting and avoids the effects associated with it, including in particular gynecomastia. Dosage: 50-150 mg (1-3 tabs) per day after the cycle for 20 days during the PCT (post cycle therapy)..


FEMARA Letrozole 2.5mg/capsule Meditech 30 capsules

Estrogen is produced by the conversion of androgens through the activity of the enzyme aromatase. Estrogens then bind to an estrogen receptor, this causes a division of cells. This product allows to rebalance that.Basically, Letrozole is a drug that was developed to treat against breast cancer by inhibiting aromatization. It is usually used as part of an aggressive treatment in post-menopausal women, to fight and reverse the spread of breast cancer after other treatments have failed (such as tamoxifen). This is probably the most efficient product currently on the market for this purpose. It is very similar to the structure and the action of its predecessor arimidex.Letrozole also is of particular interest to bodybuilders and athletes. First of all, it has been proven to reduce levels of estrogen by 98% or more. This is obviously of huge interest for bodybuilders. Indeed, decreased estrogen in the body eliminates the side effects of steroids such as water retention, gynecomastia, and acne. This makes Letrozole one of the best anti-estrogens on the market, even for very difficult cycles. Also, if you participate in bodybuilding competitions, Letrozole helps to have a dry and striated muscle. The effective dose of letrozole is 2.5 to 5mg daily. If you exceed this dose, there may be a risk of loss of libido. Also if you keep your estrogen levels too low for too long, you will end up weakening your immune system.Note that letrozole can also be used in post-cycle therapy. Indeed letrozole increases LH and FSH (which are hormones that boost your testes to produce more testosterone). Letrozole is 2 to 5 times more potent than anastrozole (arimidex) and lasts longer in the body, but take some time to start. You need to take letrozole for 60 days to achieve a balance in the blood plasma level. Even more impressive, letrozole can reduce or eliminate existing gynocomastia ! In conclusion, letrozole is a complete anti-estrogen that protects during and after the recovery cycle and eliminates the negative effects of steroids all by providing an aesthetic advantage on quality muscle.Dosage: Take 1 to 2 pills or 2.5 mg daily during or after cycle.Potency :2.5mg/capsule.Appearance :White capsule.Packing :30 capsules, packed & sealed in a white HDPE plastic bottle.Dosage :2.5mg EOD...


NOLVADEX Tamoxifen citrate 20mg/tablet Meditech 30 tablets

The nolvadex allows protection during a cycle of steroids against gynecomastia. The nolvadex also reduces water retention caused by certain steroids, and also allows for recovery of testosterone in the testicles.Nolvadex is composed of tamoxifen citrate. This is not an anabolic steroid but an oral anti-estrogen. Box of 30 tabs, 20 mg / tab. Nolvadex prevents:Gynecomastia while decreasing water retention and fat.It allows the recovery of testosterone production in the testicles.Nolvadex is a powerful anti-estrogen and one of bodybuilders' favourites It allows one toavoid feminization phenomena that occur frequently at the end of a cycle of anabolic steroids as well as gynecomastia, fluid retention, and fat gain in the hips or breasts. Indeed, at the end of the cycle, most anabolic steroids aromatize into the hormone estrogen, causing the appearance of these symptoms. Tamoxifen citrate has the ability to block estrogen receptors, preventing estrogen's action and the occurrence of these undesired phenomena. Many bodybuilders use Nolvadex before a competition, besides the fact that it prevents gynecomastia, because of the fact that it reduces water retention and fat, helping the bodybuilder to achieve a dry physique.Finally Nolvadex has the ability to increase endogenous testosterone production. This is particularly popular with bodybuilders at the end of a cycle. Indeed, at the end of a cycle, testosterone production is generally at a low level because during the cycle, anabolic steroids effectively inhibited it and replaced it. Severe side effects can arise after stopping a steroid cycle if natural testosterone production is not increased to a normal level. Novaldex can prevent this situation by boosting testosterone production in the testes.Dose: Take 1 to 20 mg per day for the duration of the cycleLaboratory : Meditech,Form : Oral,Molecule : Tamoxifen Citrate,Concentration :  20mg/tabs,Presentation : 30 tabs,Recommended Dosage : 20mg/day..


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