Specialized Cycles

Specialized Cycles

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Carnipure-2000, Meditech 10 ML [200mg/1ml]

Carnipure-2000 showed the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, where has a function of powerful antioxidant, which prevents of brain cell deterioration, that’s why is considered a fantastic dietary supplement. Usually it is used for physique and athletic performance benefits. Many bodybuilders are using L-Carnitine even for the fat loss. During the bulk cycle, using L-Carnitine, it can help to limit fat gains and make a cleaner bulk. If using during the cutting cycle, it is good to use L-Carnitine to burn fat as energy. As well it can reduce muscle pain when starting an exercise routine. The best time to use it, is post work out. And using Carnipure-2000 is good to know, that you are using the highest quality L-carnitine produced by scientists.Benefits of Carnipure-2000:·         Fat burning·         Exercise recovery·         Dietary supplement·         Almost no side effects·         Reduction of cardiovascular diseaseSpecification:·         Average Dose  - 200-600 mg/daily·         Aromatization - No ..


First Injectable Steroid Cycle

Buy First Injectable Steroid Cycle Test enanthate steroid cycle for beginners. In this cycle include: 25 amps Test Galenika ( 250mg/ampoule ) 100 tabs Tamoxifen, genesis Pin Test enanthate twice a week a total of 500-or 600mg weekly ( 250mg or 300mg per shot ) Tamoxifen should be take in the last 2 weeks of the cycle , for a total of 3 weeks, 20mg daily...


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